08 May 2010

KaosTomat peringkat 10 besar dari 34 juta International T-Shirt di Google

Alhamdulillah, Thanks God, KaosTomat masuk peringkat 10 besar dari sekitar 34 juta International Tees di Google.

sambitan panitia: 
"For Our love and dedication, we herewith are, Adaideaja Tbk (Tukang bikin kaos), proudly presents International T-Shirt, or u call that International Tees.

with Ethnic Vector Myth Design we offer u a cute and fun t-shirt.
Adaideaja was established in 2004, created an inovative t-shirt.
by this page u may look our ethnic design such Hanuman (a mythological Super Power Monkey King), and we make Hanonim (Anonim), real hero doesn't need popularity.
A Leak (Balinese Myth), we call that Demit (An Evil), also we call that The Myth (we hear same voice when u say DeMit or The Myth)." said Wahyu Liz Adaideaja, CEO Adaideaja Tbk

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Jakarta Office:
Villa Nusa Indah 5 Clus Murai Blok SF4A No. 2
Ciangsana – Gn. Putri – Kab. Bogor
(021) 687-831-57, 0813-985-8888-0

Head Office :
Madu Asri Blok C 46
Colomadu, Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57175
(0271) 925-6862 / 0815-7874-1797

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